About Us

Deborah Jahn

 A born leader, Deborah flows in the Prophetic.

She has a vision as wide  as the sky and beyond with the help of the Lord and those who support  Deborah Ministry.

Visions of ministering the Word of God in her everyday  life through prophetic gifting and preaching the Gospel all over the  world is a part of Deborah Ministry, which was founded in 2010.

Deborah  was licensed and  ordained under Charles and Frances Hunter Ministries.  

Eyes To See

The ebook version of "Eyes To See" dives into the purpose of Prophecy and its place on Earth today, as the World cries out for harvest, all in a convenient electronic format.

Eyes To See is written from a prophetic view.

It not only reveals what God has done through His Word, but what He wants to continue to do, so that His end result will be accomplished in the Earth today.

We are called to be a bold witness to win lost souls, find the Bride, and get her prepared.  The Lord is moving by His Spirit for the Great Awakening, that we must speak into being.

It is our responsibility in these last days to Wake-up and take our part in bringing everyone into their position as a member of the Bride of Jesus Christ.

Speak!  Prophesy!  The Lord is waiting for us to prepare for His coming.  Get ready!  He's coming now!

Ebook Requests

If you would like a copy of Eyes To See, click here and simply ask for one.